There is more to being an Antique Restorer than knowing how to take furniture apart and put it back together. More than knowing how to remove an old finish and replace it with a new one. You need to have an understanding of where the beauty and authenticity of an Antique lies. A mixture of compassion and sympathy for the piece, that when put together with functionality reveals the best path to restore the piece of history that is an Antique.

But each Antique needs to be viewed as an individual, there is no one size fits all to Antique Restoration. You must be able to work with different periods and styles of Antiques, as well as the desires of the client. After all, these are not my pieces, they are yours. You, as my client, have to be happy with the restoration work being completed.  Each restoration is a consultative process with the client to achieve the client’s desired outcome. I see it as my role to advise and inform, but ultimately the control should always be in the hands of the client.

I am able to work in many aspects of Restoration.

  • Structural repairs, lose carcases, joints, mouldings
  • Decorative repairs, veneers, fittings, turnings, carving, gilding
  • Full knock apart reglueing, major restorations
  • Reproductions, making another to match an original, or to a design
  • Remodelling, modify, redesigning adding to existing piece
  • Stripping and refinishing, French Polish(shellac), oil, lacquer, two pack
  • Polish repair, bloom marks, stain removal
  • Hardware repairs, hinges, handles catches and stays

There are very few aspects of restoration that I unable to work on, or direct you to the person who can.

Please see the following gallery as to previous restorations to gain a better understanding of what I can do.